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macbook battery replacement cost

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Assuming the service isn't covered by warranty or consumer law, how much does a MacBook battery replacement cost? A typical MacBook battery replacement is $129 for a MacBook Air

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a line of laptop computers developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. It consists of a full-size keyboard, a machined aluminum case, and a thin light structure. The Air is available with a screen size of 13.3-inch, with different specifications produced by Apple. Sinc…

or $199 for a MacBook Pro. If you need to ship your device, that costs an extra $19.95.

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MacBook Air Battery Replacement

  1. Open It Up. Completely shut down the computer. ...
  2. Disconnect the Battery. Disconnect the battery. ...
  3. Remove the Battery. Carefully pry up the front edge of the battery using only fingers. ...
  4. Install the New Battery and Re-assemble. Gently place the new battery in position but you will have to plug in the connector first! ...

Macbook Air battery replacement


Is it worth it to change a battery of a MacBook?

If your Mac is running well aside from the battery, paying $200 for a replacement to get several more years of life from it is a lot cheaper than buying a new machine. However, if your MacBook is old, it's probably not worth replacing the internal battery.

How much does it cost to get a battery replaced on a Mac?

If you do wish to replace your battery, Apple charges $129 for battery servicing on 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs and 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros not covered by warranty or AppleCare Plus.

Can I replace the battery in my MacBook myself?

Apple does not recommend you replace these "built-in batteries" yourself. If you find your MacBook Pro has one of these, your best option is to take it somewhere for service. After you identify your MacBook Pro model, you can search for "MacBook battery replacement" on a site like iFixit for the instructions.

How many years does a MacBook battery last?

Here's how long MacBook Pro batteries last: A MacBook Pro battery will last 5 years on average with moderate use before replacement is needed. It could last a few years longer if the battery is calibrated monthly and stored at 50% charge for shutdowns longer than 72 hours.

How long does a battery replacement take?

A car battery replacement usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. The good news is that most mechanics have new batteries on hand for common makes and models. So, if you drive a common model—and if you can find a same-day appointment—you should be in and out with a new battery in under an hour!

How long should a MacBook Air last?

6-7 yearsThe average life of a MacBook Air is 6-7 years, after that it will stop getting updates. You might need to upgrade your MacBook Air to be in the line with the latest technology and software updates. Another factor to measure the MacBook's life is the way it is used.

How hard is it to replace a battery in a MacBook Air?

AnandTech was the first to tear into the original MacBook Air and found that it is not difficult to replace the battery, although it does require the removal of a whopping nineteen screws. The battery replacement procedure is quite similar for subsequent models.

How do I check my Mac battery health?

You can check whether the battery in your Mac notebook computer is functioning normally and approximately how much charge it can hold. To view your battery's condition, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Battery , then click Battery again. In the lower right corner, click Battery Health.

Does AppleCare cover MacBook battery replacement?

Battery service Your product is eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost if you have AppleCare+ and your product's battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity.

Is it OK to leave MacBook Pro plugged in all the time?

Should You Leave Your MacBook Plugged in Constantly? Lithium-ion batteries, like what's in your MacBook, are complicated pieces of technology. Fortunately, it's not possible to overcharge your MacBook battery by leaving it plugged in all the time, nor will it overheat or damage any other components.

Why is my Mac losing battery so fast?

If your MacBook battery is running out quickly on macOS 10.14, it's probably because of some unused apps and functionalities that are running in the background. When not in use, disable functionalities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, External USB, etc.

Should MacBook Pro be plugged in all the time?

0:002:10Why You Shouldn't Keep Your MacBook Plugged In - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipMany users keep their macbooks plugged in all day and night since they tend to use it at a table orMoreMany users keep their macbooks plugged in all day and night since they tend to use it at a table or desk and rarely need to bring it when leaving the house. And while this isn't a major problem it can

What is the cost of MacBook Air battery?

High Quality Apple MacBook BatteriesA1278 Macbook Pro Battery Price₹ 5500.00 *A1369 MacBook Air Battery Price₹ 4800.00 *A1466 MacBook Air Battery Price₹ 4800.00 *A1466 MacBook Air Battery Price₹ 4800.00 *A1465 MacBook Air 11″ Battery Price₹ 4800.00 *6 more rows

How do I check my Mac battery health?

You can check whether the battery in your Mac notebook computer is functioning normally and approximately how much charge it can hold. To view your battery's condition, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Battery , then click Battery again. In the lower right corner, click Battery Health.

How many hours does a MacBook Pro battery last?

The 13-inch and 15-inch Macbooks can run up to 10 hours, while the 16-inch models can operate without a power source for up to 11 hours.

How do I calibrate my Mac battery?

On newer MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, calibration happens automatically. All you have to do is occasionally allow the battery to run down to zero and power off your Mac. Then power it back on and let it charge to 100%. The battery will recalibrate.

What are the ways to replace a MacBook Pro battery?

As I already said, the replacement cost depends largely on the way you select the replacement service. There are four ways to replace a MacBook Pro battery, and doing it in an Apple store is the safest and recommended one by experts.

When you need to change the MacBook Pro battery?

There are some common signs you will notice, which notifies about the condition of the battery. When you notice a maximum of these signs, it means you need to change the MacBook pro battery immediately.

How long a MacBook pro battery lasts?

A MacBook pro battery roughly lasts around four to five years. The performance of the battery will change throughout these years. The average running time of a brand new MacBook Pro battery is around six to seven hours.

How long is the warranty on MacBook Pro?

Apple provides a one-year warranty on its products even though Apple TV cost or AirPods cost might seem a bit high to you. However, this one-year warranty comes in handy for you while replacing a MacBook Pro battery. Replacing a faulty battery within the warranty service time will cost nothing.

How to check battery percentage on MacBook?

Take the cursor at the right top corner of the MacBook screen and click on the battery percentage icon in the menu bar.

How to increase battery life?

However, it can reduce even down to one hour. One way to increase battery lifespan is by calibrating the battery.

When is the right time to charge a MacBook Pro?

When the battery is around 40% to %50, it’s the right time to charge the MacBook Pro battery.

How long does it take to replace a MacBook Pro battery?

Your 13-inch MacBook Pro will be examined prior to any service to verify that it is eligible for this program and in working order. Service may take 3-5 days.

How long does the MacBook Pro warranty last?

The program covers affected MacBook Pro models for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit.

Does the MacBook Pro have a built in battery?

Apple has determined that, in a limited number of 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) units, a component may fail causing the built-in battery to expand. This is not a safety issue and Apple will replace eligible batteries, free of charge.

Does a MacBook Pro have a serial number?

Use the serial number checker below to see if your device qualifies for this program. If your 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) has an eligible serial number, Apple will replace the battery, free of charge.

Where to make an appointment for Apple?

Make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store. Note: Your device may be sent to the Apple Repair Center.

Does the 13 inch MacBook Pro have a warranty?

This worldwide Apple program doesn't extend the standard warranty coverage of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. If you believe your 13-inch MacBook Pro was affected by this issue, and you paid to replace your battery, you can contact Apple about a refund.

How long is the Apple Watch battery warranty?

Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles. The one-year warranty (for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport) and two-year warranty (for Apple Watch Edition) include service coverage for a defective battery. If it is out of warranty, Apple offers a battery service. Prices and terms may vary.

Is it bad to put batteries in the trash?

Putting batteries directly in the trash is dangerous for the environment. Apple and all our authorized service providers are committed to recycling and disposing of batteries with the utmost respect for the earth. So recycle your device with us.

Do rechargeable batteries need to be recycled?

All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. Your own battery’s lifespan will vary depending on how you use your device as well as the settings you choose for it.

Does Apple offer a warranty on MacBook Air?

The one-year warrant y includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. Apple offers a battery replacement service for all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries.

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